The BBA's board utilizes the committee system extensively to support its activities. Each committee is assigned an area of responsibility and is chaired by either a member of the board or by a voluntee member of the BBA. The goal of the committees is to help increase the effectiveness of the board by delegating them its responsibilities. By doing so, the BBA can foster an atmpsphere of particpation and ensure members are involved in leadership roles. Young attorneys are encouraged to join the commitees as it is a wonderful and effective method of networking with other professionals in the Souther District of Florida.


The following are the BBA Committee members:

Meetings and Programs:   Ido Alexander, David Samole

Public Relations, Publicity, Newsletter & Journal: Alexis Read, Jesse Cloyd

Memorials, Resolutions & Awards:  Kelly Roberts, Hayley Harrison

Legislative: Ido Alexander

Elections:  Ross Hartog

Annual Retreat: Ido Alexander, David Samole

Membership:   Kelly Roberts

Bylaws Revision:   Ido Alexander
UST Liason:    Ariel Rodriguez

Liason with Other Bar Association: Scott Grossman

Pro Bono: Jessika Graham, Barry Turner, Peter Kelly, Steve Newburgh, Eric Silver, Leslie Cloyd

Budget:  Hayley Harrison, Emily Stone

UM Seminar:  Ido Alexander

Brown Bag Seminar: Annette Urena (Broward), Michael Lessne (Broward), Thomas Zeichman (Broward), Rachel Ahlum (Miami), Clay Roberts (Miami)

Operations & Information Technology:  Zach Shelomith, Kelly Roberts, Michael Dunn, Zak Laux

Young Lawyers: 

Social: Catherine Douglas (Broward), Michael Lessne (Broward), Beth Hendler, Morgan Edelboim (Miami), Nicole Helmstetter (Miami), Joshua Kligler (Miami) 

CARE:  Ileana Christianson, Barry Turner

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