The Committee on Public Relations, Publicity and Newsletter

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The Committee is responsible for devising methods, techniques, programs, and publicity designed to increase the understanding of the general public of the calling and responsibility of the organized bar, the operation of the legal system, the role of the legal community and individual lawyers in the legal system. The methods, techniques, programs and publicity should foster a more harmonious relationship between the legal community and the community at large for the improvement of the system of justice and the uplift of the community.

Furthermore, the Committee is responsible for writing, editing, and publishing a newsletter, whether in hard copy or online or a combination of both, containing news of interest to the membership of the Association, including all scheduled activities of the Association, changes in bankruptcy practice and procedure in the Southern District of Florida, news or information about the courts, the office of the United States Trustee, or about any practitioners of general interest to the membership, or any matters requested by the President or Board of Directors.