The Legislative Committee

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The Committee is responsible for reviewing, revising, drafting, or analyzing any legislation which may be necessary to the proper administration of the bankruptcy laws of the United States or for proper support of those persons who serve the bankruptcy court in any capacity. The Committee may, after approval by the Board of Directors, take such actions as it deems appropriate to support or oppose legislation in the area of bankruptcy law or administration consistent with the not-for-profit status of the Association. The Committee may analyze the form and substance of any legislation proposed by any member of the Association or by the Association itself, and shall review and analyze all rules and regulations governing local practice promulgated or proposed by the bankruptcy judges, the United States Trustee, the United States District Court, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, or the Supreme Court of the United States. The Committee may also, when appropriate, arrange for witnesses at legislative hearings when it shall be in the interests of the Association as defined by the Board of Directors to do so.